RDGLDGRN’s EP: Red Gold Green


I’m pretty sure we’ve posted about RDGLDGRN before, but even if we haven’t, you should definitely grab their new album, Red Gold Green EP.  A mixture of alternative rock and hip-hop, they’re the perfect Summer band to jam to while sitting by your blow-up pool and throwing back Coronas.  The song that sparked my original intrigue, I Love Lamp, can be checked out as a preview for the album.  Having already lost one member from their previous band, Blue, I hope that this group can stick it out long enough to produce more quality music.  Pick up the album HERE.

3LAU — Dance Floor Filth 2 (COMPILATION)


It’s been quite some time since our last 3LAU update and boy has than been hard for us.  Justin Blau continues to crank out–in my opinion–some of the best mash-ups on the market today, characterized by house instrumentals and vocals from chart-topping hits.  Great music for parties, running, etc.  Enjoy, below!


Nick Luebke — Lights Out feat. B’Ezee (Prod. by KonG)

When a buddy of mine mentioned he was going to be pursue music as a career, I didn’t know how to take it. As far as I’d seen, he enjoyed playing the guitar and singing a little bit. However, in the 10 months since that conversation, I’ve been pleasantly surprised at Nick Luebke‘s success. His Call Me Maybe remix boasts over 400,000 views on Youtube, his buzz is growing on campus, and he was even invited to try out for The X-Factor. Check out his latest music video for Lights Out and follow him on Twitter @looptylube.