The Coolest Thing You’ll Ever See

That might not be true for you, but it definitely is for me. A crazy light show supported by a dope remix of Imogen Heap’s “Hide and Seek” makes the following video one of the greatest meals my eyes and ears have ever feasted on. It’s not quite rap, house, or mashup, but this kind of compilation is what our blog is about: sharing things that are f*cking awesome. Hope you all enjoy this is as much as I did. My view count is rounding out at around 15 now… 3 days. Obssessed? Perhaps. Mesmorized? 100%.

2 DOPE. In case you were feeling the song as well, it’s by Ozo. No clue who that is. Doesn’t matter. It’s that ish. Check the link below. No download though =( EDIT: DOWNLOAD BELOW

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