LISTEN UP: Artists You Should Be Listening To Right Now!

So, in an effort to procrastinate from the seemingly never-ending hustle I am on right now with school and snagging the dream job, I have decided to let all of our fans know who you should be listening to right now on the music scene. Everyday for the next week or so, I will be updating the list with a new artist.  I feel as though I have a pretty expansive grasp on the music industry, listening to everything from hip-hop to house to classic rock to electronica to…well, you get the picture.  Having said that, below are some of my favorite artists at the moment, organized by several categories I have come up with on the fly.  There is a little informational blurb about each artists, as well as links to their various websites and, in some cases, some of my personal favorites from their collections.  I hope you all enjoy this list and take it to heart

Favorite House DJ/Producer — Alesso

Meet Alesso, the 19 year old Swedish-Italian house sensation.  With Sebastian Ingrosso (of Swedish House Mafia) as his personal mentor, it should be no wonder that this kid has already progressed (Get it? Progressive house? :D ) to the point that he is one of the most requested DJ’s in the world.  Again, he’s only 19 years old!  Known for his ridiculously vibrant remixes, typically characterized by one lead synth and various sparkly elements laid over the original track, Alesso has quickly become one of the top DJ’s on Beatport (essentially, iTunes for house music).  Some of my favorites are his remixes of Pressure and, more recently, Good Love.  Interestingly enough, these two tracks happen to be two favorites of yet another artist that will be appearing on this list…..muwahaha.  Stay tuned, kids.

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