Stream Childish Gambino’s “Camp” for Free

I’m not going to lie. When I first heard that Derrick Comedy’s Donald Glover was releasing mix tapes and rap singles, I thought it was a joke. I think most people probably thought the same thing. Actors, NBA players, and now Comedians? Seems like everyone wants to be a rapper these days. The difference is that Glover’s rap alias, Childish Gambino, can actually spit. Where I first laughed, I now listen. Childish Gambino’s first official album, Camp. The CD officially dropped on November 1st, but Gambino was nice enough to give us a free listen just a week later. Click the link below to stream the entire album on NPR.


1. “Outside” 4:30
2. “Fire Fly” 3:23
3. “Bonfire” 3:13
4. “All The Shine” 5:46
5. “Letter Home” 1:44
6. “Heartbeat” 4:30
7. “Backpackers” 3:16
8. “L.E.S.” 5:18
9. “Hold You Down” 4:52
10. “Kids” 4:57
11. “You See Me” 3:15
12. “Sunrise” 3:40
13. “That Power” 7:42

Listen to the album free, here

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