RDGLDGRN’s EP: Red Gold Green


I’m pretty sure we’ve posted about RDGLDGRN before, but even if we haven’t, you should definitely grab their new album, Red Gold Green EP.  A mixture of alternative rock and hip-hop, they’re the perfect Summer band to jam to while sitting by your blow-up pool and throwing back Coronas.  The song that sparked my original intrigue, I Love Lamp, can be checked out as a preview for the album.  Having already lost one member from their previous band, Blue, I hope that this group can stick it out long enough to produce more quality music.  Pick up the album HERE.

Joey Bada$$ — Pitchfork Interview


Joey Bada$$ is a Brooklyn rapper who, at the tender age of 17, is equipped with a startling, circa-94 flow– a detail-rich and syllable-packed wonder that suggests years of listening to vintage MF DOOM, AZ, and Cormega.

Pitchfork did a nice little interview with up-and-coming Brooklynite Joey Bada$$. I’m very high on this kid and suggest you check it out.  Click Here for the full interview.  



Lupe Fiasco — Bitch Bad

“New Lupe Fiasco” is a phrase I never tire of hearing.  Once upon a time, Lu’ was my favorite artist of any genre.  While his previous album was not even worthy of being named, his catalogue is easily one of the best in the business.  Hopefully, Food & Liquor 2: The Great American Rap Album (rumored to be released in July) will be closer to The Cool and Food & Liquor’s quality than The Album Which Shall Not Be Named.  With Bitch Bad, Lupe attempts to cook up some of that old magic with his original recipe of clever lyrics and powerful metaphors.  How’d he do?



Joey Bada$$ — Survival Tactics

Mark my words: Joey Bada$$ is the next big thing to come out of Brooklyn.  This 17 year old claims to have the mindset of a 43 year old and his insights into branding suggest he may be telling the truth.  Joey and his Pro Era team have been making a great deal of noise on the web and in the hip hop community over the past few months, starting with the video above.  If YDD had been running, you all would have seen this awhile back.  If you like what you hear, you can grab his 1999 mixtape, below.



Download Here