5 & A Dime – “June is Soon” (Dubstep Mashup)

Ahoy! Lehigh DJ 5 & A Dime just dropped his new single, “June is Soon”. The mash up features tracks from Lil Wayne (“Look At Me Now”), Pretty Lights (“I Know The Truth”), Flux Pavillion (“Bass Cannon”) , and Bare and Datsik (“King Kong”). It’s unbelievable to me that Lehigh has not one, but two of the hottest mash up artists in the country. Between this man and Kap Slap, they’re absolutely killing the college music scene right now. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing each perform at my very own Bucknell University, and they’re as good if not better live than they are through your headphones. Make sure to check out 5’s new track and continue to support each of these artists. You can hear/download the single below. Cheers and #PatriotLeagueForever

Download Here

That shit cray


It’s been awhile but after exam after exam after exam, we’re finally back on track!  That said, it’s time for the next artist you absolutely MUST be listening to right now.  Without further ado, the next artist is…..

Favorite Up-and-Coming Mash-Up Artist: 3LAU

If you’ve been following the blog for a while, you know that we love this kid.  We actually contacted him for an interview (see below!) after hearing Girls (Who Save The World), which is still one of the most incredibly made mash-ups I’ve ever heard.  To say that this song plays every single time we go out would be an understatement.  His mixtape, Dance Floor Filth, was just that–filthy.  Featuring artists from Britney Spears to instrumentals by Alesso, his music taste is impeccable for raging.  The kid also makes original productions, in addition to singing and playing a wide variety of instruments.  Oh yeah, and he’s an academic stud on top of it all.  Below, I’ve listed some of my favorite songs by Mr. Blau.  Peep his facebook page!

Turblent Rock Anthem (w/ Kap Slap)

All Night Long (LMFAO, Ellie G, Mann, Darth & Vader)

Girls (Who Save The World)  

Check out our interview with 3LAU, as well!  No edits.  Just gritty, bare-bones-and-all awesomeness.  Forgive the rocky start, it was a first for both of us, ya dig?

The White Panda — Midnight Life (M83 & Kanye West)

Another great mash-up from college duo The White Panda. I have a warm place in my heart for WP as they were really the first mash-up artists who caught my eye following the obvious Girl Talk and should-be-as-obvious Milkman.  Known for blending just two songs together at once (giving the songs a much cleaner sound), they chose two great songs here in Midnight City by M83 and Good Life by Kanye West.  In my opinion, this song actually is suitable for getting your dance on.  Just let it take you over.  Listen/DL, below!

Alesso & Afrojack — Good Love Control (3LAU Bootleg)

Fresh off of the release of Dance Floor Filth, 3LAU hits us with another great song.  I mean when you mess around with an Alesso or Afrojack track, you better bring your A-Game, as those tracks are likely already near perfect.  Justin Blau does just that, combining the sounds of the too into much more than a simply listenable track–it’s a great track.  Believe it or not, we do actually have an interview with 3LAU coming up soon.  Admittedly our goal was to have it up a while ago but things take time.


3LAU — MIXTAPE: Dance Floor Filth

3LAU’s new mixtape.  You already know what it is.  Download below.

1 Jagger Bomb
2 All Night Long
3 Dancing In The Backseat
4 I-3low
5 Girls Who Save The World
6 Turbulent Rock Anthem w/ Kap Slap
7 Rave Dirty
8 Yacht Week In America
9 E.T. Youth Take Shots
10 E.T. feels starry eyed (Kap Slap Remash)
11 Dubsex
12 Work Hard, Play Hard (3Lau & Sex Ray Vision Remix) – Tiesto