XV — Pop Culture (Mixtape)

A few days ago, XV dropped his latest masterful mixtape, Pop Culture.  It seems like Vizzy can do no wrong, at least when it comes to mixtapes.  While his upcoming EP, Awesome, can be pre-ordered here, I still eagerly await his first full-length album.  XV’s marketing “strategy” has always appeared to be to produce uncompromisingly high quality music, inarguably at the expense of gaining the fans from the pop masses.  In my opinion, he could easily have been converted into a “pop rapper” years ago, so I respect him to no end or staying true to his craft.  He has legions of absolutely loyal Squarians (read: devout XV followers), including myself.  Grab the mixtape below and support one of the truest out there.

“XV is overrated”– Nobody Ever

Click to Download

Kid Cudi – “Rap Hard” (mixtape)

Happy Sunday! Two great pieces of news for the evening: 1) The Chicago Bears absolutely DECIMATED the Detroit Lions. 2) New Kid Cudi mixtape!

Well, sort of new. “Rap Hard” features 12 tracks from 2000-2001, wayyyy prior to Cudi’s rise to fame. As a long time Cudi fan (yes, before “Day N’ Nite” appeared on Entourage) I’m really excited to hear some of his old work. The tape just came out today, so sit back and chill out to what’s most likely a quality piece of music.

P.S. who recognizes the throwback photo of Cudder?

Download “Rap Hard” here

3LAU — MIXTAPE: Dance Floor Filth

3LAU’s new mixtape.  You already know what it is.  Download below.

1 Jagger Bomb
2 All Night Long
3 Dancing In The Backseat
4 I-3low
5 Girls Who Save The World
6 Turbulent Rock Anthem w/ Kap Slap
7 Rave Dirty
8 Yacht Week In America
9 E.T. Youth Take Shots
10 E.T. feels starry eyed (Kap Slap Remash)
11 Dubsex
12 Work Hard, Play Hard (3Lau & Sex Ray Vision Remix) – Tiesto


Bassnectar- “Colorstorm” (mixtape)

Sup Daily Dosers! Long time no see. Took the past few weeks off to get my bearings with senior year and what not. Good news is Mr. Rager (a.k.a. J for academic purposes) is officially back and blogging. Today I present a lovely gift in the form of a brand new Bassnectar mixtape. I’ve never delved too deep into the caves b-nasty’s dubstep jams, but I’m always impressed a track of his is thrown my way. One of his most widely known ragers is his rendition of Ellie Goulding’s “Lights”, a banger that many have come to enjoy more than the original itself. Anyway, if you’re new to Bassnectar give the link above a try, and if you’re a long time fan or simply curious hit up the download below for his brand new mixtape, “Colorstorm”. I’m listening to the stream as I write this, and I gotta say I like what I hear. Peep the tracklist and download link below. Stay ragin my friends

Bassnectar Owns Coachella


1) Bassnectar – Color Storm
2) Bassnectar & Seth Drake – Above & Beyond
3) Bassnectar – Upside Down (Bassectar & Terravita Remix)
4) Top Cat & Rebel MC – Original Ses
5) Bassnectar & Datsik – YES
6) TC – Tap Ho (Bassnectar Remix)
7) Zion I – Juicy Juice (Acapella)
8. Nine Inch Nails – Closer (Instrumental)
9) Dick Dale & His Del-Tones – Misirlou [Pulp Fiction Theme] (Bassnectar Remix)
10) Bassnectar – Voodoo (Bassnectar & ill.Gates Remix)
11) Nirvana – In Bloom (Bassnectar Mashup)
12) MIA – Paper Planes (Instrumental)
13) Nas ft. Lauryn Hill – If I Ruled The World (Acapella)
14) ill.Gates & Captain Hook – Open your Eyes (Bassnectar Remix)

 Download Here 

Wale – The Eleven One Eleven Theory

As Wale is one of my favorite artists in any genre, I’m pretty disappointed in myself for missing this.  Wale dropped his latest mixtape The Eleven One Eleven Theory a few days ago and I’m expecting big things out of it (still haven’t given it a listen).  However, he did drop it in a very low-key way by only releasing it via his website and Jay-Z’s blog.  Anywho…check it out below!