Nick Luebke — Lights Out feat. B’Ezee (Prod. by KonG)

When a buddy of mine mentioned he was going to be pursue music as a career, I didn’t know how to take it. As far as I’d seen, he enjoyed playing the guitar and singing a little bit. However, in the 10 months since that conversation, I’ve been pleasantly surprised at Nick Luebke‘s success. His Call Me Maybe remix boasts over 400,000 views on Youtube, his buzz is growing on campus, and he was even invited to try out for The X-Factor. Check out his latest music video for Lights Out and follow him on Twitter @looptylube.

J. Cole — Lost Ones (Official Music Video)

Blown away.  From the emotionality of the song, to the story of how hurt J. Cole was when it leaked a few months ago, everything about this song screams sadness and gritty reality.  To date, Lost Ones is said to be among Cole’s favorite tracks that he has ever written.  The song is about the far too common/relevant issue about what the correct steps are to take after a lover is unintentionally impregnated.  The fact that Cole speaks so dearly about the track is a good indicator that this situation likely happened to him.  Shot back in 2008, he’s been sleeping on the release of this video until the right moment.  HIGHLY suggest watching it.  #ColeWorld

Frank Ocean — Swim Good (Official Video)

Frank Ocean–primarily being named as The Weeknd’s main competitor–is one talented man.  His mixtape, Nostalgia/ultra, has been receiving widespread critical acclaim so I highly suggest you check that out when you get a chance.  For now, please take a look at one of the most popular songs off of the tape, Swim Good, and it’s new official music video.  Great song.  Great visuals.  Leave your feedback in the comment section!

Common ft. Nas “Ghetto Dreams” (Official Video)

My favorite rap track of the summer. “Ghetto Dreams” has that old, classic hip-hop feel to it that most songs in the game just lack now a days. With that ill raw sound and smooth visuals to boot, this video becomes an instant classic in my mind. See if you agree by peeping the premier of the official music video above. Ghetto Ghetto Dreams


The Coolest Thing You’ll Ever See

That might not be true for you, but it definitely is for me. A crazy light show supported by a dope remix of Imogen Heap’s “Hide and Seek” makes the following video one of the greatest meals my eyes and ears have ever feasted on. It’s not quite rap, house, or mashup, but this kind of compilation is what our blog is about: sharing things that are f*cking awesome. Hope you all enjoy this is as much as I did. My view count is rounding out at around 15 now… 3 days. Obssessed? Perhaps. Mesmorized? 100%.

2 DOPE. In case you were feeling the song as well, it’s by Ozo. No clue who that is. Doesn’t matter. It’s that ish. Check the link below. No download though =( EDIT: DOWNLOAD BELOW