Lil B

Alright, Ima keep it real: I am not a huge fan of Lil B’s music or his new album entitled, I’m Gay (I’m Happy). As a fellow Berkeley native and a proud supporter of Bay Area artists, I feel like I am obligated to show some love, but I just can’t get behind his music. So you’re probably wondering why I’m posting an artist I don’t like. Well, while I’m not a huge fan his music, I still give him hella respect for what he’s doing. Talk about going against the grain. I think it’s safe to say that the rap game is generally homophobic. That being said, I’m Gay is a pretty bold album title. He just doesn’t give a f*ck. In my opinion, with his strange swag and odd demeanor, he redefines what it is to be a rapper these days.

Critics have called him a “hipster rapper” and I couldn’t agree more. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it just makes him appeal to a specific demographic. His music is no doubt weird and almost psychedelic. Even though I may not like his work he still has 128,000 fans on Facebook, which has to count for something haha. Foril doh, many of his peers have given him props for his music. Lupe even wrote a whole article titled, “Why I Like Lil B“. All in all, I DO encourage you to check out his stuff and decide for yourself. B-Town Love. SWAG!

P.S. The artwork for his album is super dope, but it’s pretty much jacked from Marvin Gaye’s I Want You album artwork.

Wonton Soup – Lil B

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