Avicii vs. Leona Lewis

Avicii vs Leona Lewis

There’s been a lot of confusion with Avicii’s track Peguin/ Fade Into Darkness. You may or may not have heard Leona Lewis’ track Collide that sounds ever so familiar. Well I’m just gunna lay it out for you folks. The original hook Avicii used was from Peguin Cafe Orchestra (hence its initial name, Penguin) and was cleared to be used. When Avicii and friends were searching for vocals for the track they were pitched multiple versions and among them was Fade Into Darkness, which they thought fit the best. Also amongst the versions that were pitched was Leona Lewis’ Collide. Both songs have been released and both parties (Avicii and friends + Leona Lewis and friends) are pretty pissed about the mixup and are trying to sort out all the legal issues. In all fairness, Leona Lewis thought it was hers to use, nevertheless Fade Into Darkness was released first. Below are the two different versions. I’ll let you be the judge as to which version is better.

Collide is a video and not a link because I wasn’t able to post it due to copyright issues. Leona Lewis is bein’ a bit difficult in this whole thing if you ask me.

Avicii – Fade Into Darkness

Leona Lewis – CollideĀ 

Avicii – Fade Into Darkness (Vocal Radio Edit)

Avicii released the vocal edit to his smash hit Penguin. There’s been a small clip of this song available for a few weeks now, but he finally dropped the full version. In really takes the track to a hoe nutha level. Also, here are two additional tracks Avicii has previewed recently at EDC and the Marquee Dayclub. #OverDose

Fade Into Darkness

Philter – Revolver (Avicii Remix) [Exclusive Preview]

Avicii – ID [Exclusive Preview]