Mac Miller – Frick Park Market


Last night Mac released his first track off of his upcoming album Blue Slide Park. Like all of Mac’s ish, Frick Park Market is a fun track you can get down to. The music video is super jokes and a pretty cool concept. This kind of reminds me of Blue Scholars’ Fou Lee (which was a song about their local food market in Seattle). You gotta put it down for your favorite place to grub. I should follow the trend and drop a track bout Gordo’s…shouts to my #Berkeleyfolk

Mac Miller – Just A Kid

Mac Miller released this track to celebrate his 600,000 twitter followers. It’s a solid track where Mac just spits some bars for his fans over an E. Dan production. He recently announced the name of his first album, Blue Slide Park. Being his first album, there is a lot of sentimental meaning behind the title. Blue Slide Park refers to the place he and his friends used to hang out as kids; when he got older it grew into the place where they would go drink/smoke. In an interview he mentioned, “it’s a spot for a lot of people’s first memories”. I also tossed in a track Mac put out to celebrate reaching 300,000 followers where he spits over the famous track by People Under The Stairs, Acid Rain Drops.

Just A Kid

People Under The Stairs (300k)