Neon Hitch — Bad Dog (DJ Chuckie Remix)

This one was inspired by the twin bro!  I’ve had this one locked up for awhile, but decided today would be a good day to unleash upon all of you.  It is a bit dated, granted, but it still goes hard in the paint.  DJ Chuckster remixes british singer Neon Hitch‘s Bad Dog.  Check it out…great song to rock out to this weekend.

Mohombi — Bumpy Ride (DJ Chuckie Remix)

Another legit remix coming our way from one of the dirty Dutchmen, DJ Chuckie.  Babu and I had the amazing opportunity to witness Chuckie do his thing (read: HEADLINE) at Sensation White 2011 in Hasselt, Belgium and this dude unquestionably shut the place down. Bumpy Ride is unique in that the name of the song fits very well with how Chuckster mixed it, with plenty of low building points balanced with high bumping wompwompwomps.  Personally, my favorite part of the song starts at 1:00.  Peep it.  Love it.  DL it.

Chuckie's victims...ourselves included :P