Hoodie Allen – The Chase Is On

Hoodie just released the music video to a song on Leap Year (dropping on July 26). The Chase Is On is on some new Hoodie shit that samples Walter Meego’sGirls“. The production is still by his side kick RJF and all in all in think its a well rounded track. The video features the ever so spicy Sofia Black D’Elia from the tv show Skins. I think this video is way better than his first one (You Are Not A Robot).

Hoodie Allen – Leap Year [Teaser]


Hoodie Allen recently announced the release date for his new project Leap Year. It’s said to be packed with some solid summer jams. The title Leap Year refers to the leap of faith he’s taking by changing his career path. He left a position at Google to pursue his passion for music. From what I’m told, it’s supposed to be better than his previous mixtape, Pep Rally and features some crazy production from the famous RJF. I hesitated in making this post due to my history with the artist. I produced a track that he planned to use on this mixtape but found out months later they weren’t going to put the song on the mixtape. Devistating! I’m still a little sour to say the least but that’s the nature of the business. He’s a solid dude and deserves a lot more credit than he deserves. #underrated