The Cataracs – Top of the World (T&A Brigade Remix)


Aaah, you just can’t go wrong with Dev’s ever so sweet vocals. This is an interesting take on what was an already pretty “housey” track by The Cataracs. Either way, T&A Brigade gave it an nice twist with a heavy wobble bass in the drop. This is one of T&A’s first EDM tracks so it’ll be nice to see how he develops as a producer. Apparently, T&A has another track that should be coming out soon so keep a look out.

The Cataracs – Creatures

I have very little on info on this track seeing as it dropped an hour ago via twitter. It seems as though it’s just another track like Turt 4 Da Weekend that’ll be put aside until their album drops in January. As per usual, Niles (Cyrano) comes through super fuerte on the production. All around it’s a well rounded track, but I have to say, there’s a little be too much autotune for my liking. Here’s their extra hard banger Turnt 4 Da Weekend just in case you missed it.

The Cataracs ft. Dev – Turnt 4 Da Weekend