XV — Pop Culture (Mixtape)

A few days ago, XV dropped his latest masterful mixtape, Pop Culture.  It seems like Vizzy can do no wrong, at least when it comes to mixtapes.  While his upcoming EP, Awesome, can be pre-ordered here, I still eagerly await his first full-length album.  XV’s marketing “strategy” has always appeared to be to produce uncompromisingly high quality music, inarguably at the expense of gaining the fans from the pop masses.  In my opinion, he could easily have been converted into a “pop rapper” years ago, so I respect him to no end or staying true to his craft.  He has legions of absolutely loyal Squarians (read: devout XV followers), including myself.  Grab the mixtape below and support one of the truest out there.

“XV is overrated”– Nobody Ever

Click to Download

XV – The Kick (music video)

This is XV’s latest music video for his single “The Kick”. The song is very motivational and gives us a little sight into XV’s journey to success. Directed by The KiD, aka Kyle DePinna, this video does an amazing job of fitting the theme and feeling of the track. It’s been getting a great response as it was only uploaded yesterday and already has over 100,000 views. Be on the look out for more videos from The KiD and of course XV. Enjoy!

XV — Boss Level (Feat. Skrillex)

OH MY GOSH (see where Skrillex grabbed the sample for Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites, below)!!!!!  This is a really ballsy and interesting move on XV‘s behalf to reach both his own fan base, as well those of Skrillex.  XV is such a nerd….and I love every bit of it.  Download, below.

XV — Boss Level (Feat. Skrillex)

XV — When We’re Done (VIDEO)

Let me start off by stating that XV’s mixtape, Zero Heroes, was one of the best collections of music that I have ever heard.  Released earlier this year, I highly suggest grabbing the entire mixtape–it’s a masterpiece.  When We’re Done is one of the standout tracks from the compilation.  The sample has a certain ambience to it that I can’t quite explain.  It captures you.

Not everybody lives, but everybody dies.  So while a n***a here, I’m shooting for the sky.

Grab Zero Heroes Here

XV – “Hoop Dreams” (prod. by B.Dolla)

Hello Squarians! “Hoop Dreams” is yet another track released by a XV. He’s been dropping tracks so consistently lately that it’s hard to keep up. Regardless, here’s a nice little tribute to the game we all love. If you need me to tell you which game that is, you need to get off this site. We’re clearly not for you. #23 for Life playa

Download Here

Never Forget.

XV — The Kick (Prod. by DJ Tech-Neek)

After dropping BITSU (Back In The Studio) the other day, we get another song two days later.  Typical XV, rewarding his fans for sticking with him while he toured the country–effectively dropping very little music during that time.  The Kick has a provocative beat and great chorus which centers around the film Inception.  Give it a chance, below.

This is the life that I never will forget.  I’m inside the dream that I never want to quit. So, I’m just sitting back, waiting for the kick.